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Cover Your Assets! Part 1 - Common Sense

| July 10, 2019
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Sorry Doc, but as you probably already know – you’re a target. In this increasingly litigious world, it is massively important for you to have awareness of the ways you can expose yourself to additional risk, and not just in your practice.

We’re breaking it down in this three part mini-series. First up we’re talking about ways to reduce the size of bulls-eye on your back without complex planning. We’ll also speak to liability within your practice structure – namely (P)/LLCs and some common misconceptions. Finally, we’re discussing ways you can leverage different types of insurance to transfer some of that risk.   

Stay tuned for more – we’re also going to run through trusts and estate planning as an additional layer of protection, titling and beneficiary designations, “risks” to your retirement, and more.

For More About Estate Planning With Dan: Watch Video

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