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Cover Your Assets! Part 2 - Real Estate

Cover Your Assets! Part 2 - Real Estate

| July 24, 2019
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Focused on Physicians: Strategies for Protecting Real Property 

Asset Protection: About the Series

Don’t be an unnecessary target! You’ve made a huge investment in your education and training, and your “deep doctor pockets” already make you a bullseye. Are you doing all you can to protect your interests….and ASSets?

This three-parter takes a look at ways you can mitigate some of the inherent risks that come along with being a doctor. Own a boat? Have teenage drivers? Do you ever entertain with delicious libations? What about owning your own practice or having partners? Curious about what assets might potentially be at risk if you were hit with a lawsuit? We’re digging into some different strategies to help you address  

Strategies for Protecting Real Property

Part 2: Let’s talk about property. Real estate is a favorite investment category among physicians. Plus, property you own personally is usually one of your largest assets, especially for younger doctors. Unquestionably, insulating your home from potential lawsuits is critical too. Do you know if you’re protecting it appropriately? We’ll also discuss real property for your practice – things like owning the building(s) your offices are in, titling strategies, and utilizing LLC’s as another tool for risk management in private practice structure.

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