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Our Suite of Services


We take a personal & collaborative approach to your wealth management and planning. We want to know YOU, then create a dynamic plan that evolves with your life. We focus on more than just basic financial planning - we want to integrate your whole financial world - tax exposure, risk management, estate planning, investing, and more in pursuit of the most efficient and beneficial results. Our areas of focus include but are not limited to: 

  • Foundation Planning & Coordination of All Accounts
  • Strategic Cash Management
  • Titling & Beneficiary Designations
  • Estate Planning
  • Generational & Legacy Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Events & Transition Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Asset Preservation
  • Tax Planning & Efficiency
  • Business Planning
  • Liability Management & Insurance Planning


We know investing is part of the bigger picture as we work towards achieving your financial dreams. No matter the investment vehicle, HoLo delivers the depth of market expertise and objective advice you deserve. We'll work with you to explain the market and economic environment, as well as develop an individualized portfolio to help pursue your investment goals. 

  • Market & Economic Analysis
  • In-Depth Independent Research
  • Tax Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Active & Passive Management Techniques
  • Alternative & Traditional Investments


We'll help design and implement a plan that serves your business needs most effectively and strives to create a level of confidence towards fulfilling your plan sponsor fiduciary duties. We also provide ongoing support, resources, and education for sponsors and participants looking to make the most of their group retirement options.  

  • Custom Design & Implementation Support of New Plans
  • Due Diligence Reviews of Current Plans
  • Bench-marking for Costs, Investment Options, Risk Profile
  • Review to Help Ensure Optimization of Existing Plans
  • Continuing Education for Sponsors & Participants
  • Advisor Accessibility & Support
  • Investment Fiduciary Services

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Our Process


We want to know you! What makes you tick? Your goals and dreams, career and financial history, cash-flow, tax considerations, and family & estate planning. We also want to know about your relationship with money and what you really value in life. What motivates and interests you and what your vision of financial freedom is.


We build a comprehensive summary and a plan of action. Considering many “what-if” scenarios and potential outcomes, we determine together an appropriate blueprint and strategies for addressing your ongoing objectives.


Execution is continuous, but in the first 90 days we'll build the financial foundation. We'll load and customize your personal financial dashboard, begin coordinating assets and liabilities from all sources, consider wealth protection and tax strategies, and construct your portfolio to give you a total snapshot of your finances in real time - accessible 24/7.


We pride ourselves on the level of service and support we deliver our clients. We are always accessible and prompt to reply. We adhere to quarterly reviews, evaluating progress, preparing for upcoming changes, and helping you stay on track. We maintain a high-touch, concierge approach to customer service. If we can do it for you, it’s our pleasure.

We're Different

What Other Advisors Say & What It Means to Us


Trust is everything in a relationship, especially when your life savings and aspirations are at stake. Most advisors say they're trustworthy. But, an unscrupulous or self-interested advisor can cause expensive and painful mistakes with lifelong consequences. Even well-meaning advisors can capitalize on the sale of financial products to you, depending on how you pay for services.

At HoLo, trust is the cornerstone of our long-term partnerships with clients. We don't give advice we wouldn't give our own family (and probably already have!). You can count on our advisors to be fiduciaries, always acting in your best interests, and you'll only pay an agreed upon fee for services and advice. 


Comprehensive is definitely a "buzzword" in the financial services industry, but it has no resolute definition. Sure it sounds nice, but by the way it's thrown around, finding comprehensive advice and services should be easy. Unfortunately, many advisors over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to this fundamental attitude towards planning and investing. 

To HoLo, comprehensive means total and complete. Many pieces of your financial puzzle are interconnected, depending upon and affecting other areas. We believe that by integrating your financial universe, we can create a true representation of your entire financial condition, develop a personalized plan for your circumstances and goals, and work towards favorable results together. 


There's a lot to study in the constantly changing financial services industry. As a result, many advisors focus primarily on just a few specialized skills, but may be woefully under-informed in other areas. There is also no standard requirement necessary to call yourself a planner, anyone from annuity salespeople to insurance agents can hang their signs up. While they may have specialized knowledge about particular products, the limited scope of their planning can leave you exposed in other areas.  

Great planning takes a village. At HoLo, the process is collaborative, incorporating skilled planners across different disciplines and sophisticated market and economic understanding to build the most effective financial blueprint. Plus, we've gone through just about every life event you can think of with our clients over our 25+ years. When it comes to planning your financial future, there's no greater value to have on your side than experience 


"Custom" planning doesn't necessarily mean custom investment mixes. Many advisors present selections from a limited list, dictated by tolerance for risk or timeline. Some even push standard portfolios with a set asset allocation to their clients. Though this approach can help mitigate fees (it requires very little active management or application of investing skills), it could also leave available options out of the equation. You might also achieve less than optimal results taking a standardized strategy, especially one with little consideration to your unique circumstances and values.

Every one of our clients gets our best. For HoLo, that also means personalized planning, uniquely created and executed for you. Including individualized investments that match your values and goals, creative solutions that address your objectives, accessible advisors, and personal service designed to address your needs. 

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